holiday gift guide: the man

I don't like the unknown.  I can't stand when things aren't routine.  And so I hate switching things up!  However, the redness of my nose and the puffiness of my eyes are something neither Photoshop or NyQuil can fix.  So, while I recover, I'm continuing my 2013 Holiday Gift Guide, today.  If you missed last week's guide, you can see the Mother's Edition HERE.  I don't know about yours, but my boyfriend is pretty great.  I've been really lucky to have Danny in my life, and on Christmas I really like to spoil him.  I like to get three or four great presents and wrap them all separately so he has lots to open.  I love watching him unwrap them; so fun!  Especially when he actually likes them!  [He and I have an understanding, if we don't love the presents we received, it's okay!  We would rather have the recipient enjoy it than not (we're both really picky).  So, be okay with it, if he wants to exchange or return it!  Just make sure you understand the return policies and hang on to the receipts!!]  Anyway, I know shopping for your significant other can be so hard!  I hope this helps, or at least gets the wheels in your head turning.  Good luck!

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  1. I'm always looking for ideas for my man and I'm loving that fragrance sample - such a great idea!

    ShannonClothes & Quotes

    1. That was one of Danny's favorite gifts from last Christmas. He is really particular so I didn't want to pick it out for him. He ended up choosing YSL's L'Homme.