Holiday Gift Guide: Dads

Happy Wednesday, guys!  Thanks for stopping by.  Next on the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide list is a guide for fathers!  My dad is extremely hard to shop for.  He's the type if he wants something, he'll get it for himself.  Ask him what he wants?  If you do, he'll say, "World peace."  What?!  This leaves me playing a huge guessing game.  Try thinking of things the man already has, but may need replacing or updating.  Wallet?  Shoes?  Ties?  Or think of something he could need, but doesn't know he needs it.  For example, take the Bheestie Bag; my dad went fishing and didn't realize he had his phone in his pocket.  Needless to say, this present would come in handy.  Or really good head phones to enjoy a book or music on a tablet.  If you don't see what you're looking for, try J. Crew's guide or Gap's guide.  Spoil your dads, father-in-law, and grandpas!  Happy shopping!

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