If I had it my way.

If I had it my way, 
this is what I'd be wearing right now.

Untitled #56

tee | pants | purse | earrings
booties | hat | lip pencil 


Current Wish List

Hey!  Sorry for the lack of an outfit post.  The last week is all about rebelling [see here & here].  Of course, I still I want you all to have something to scroll through, so I thought I'd show you my current wish list.  Maybe some of you are aware that I have a 'Wish List' tab ^^ up there!  If you've missed it in the past, that's okay, you can catch up HERE.  But I've recently updated it ... A LOT.  Check it out here, today. And the tab up ^^ there on the other days.

Happy weekend!


Bundling for Fall

This is my first-real-day-of-fall-weather outfit.  As I type this, I'm looking out of my window to snow-capped mountains.  We're in it for the long haul this winter, I fear.  Anyway, I added fun accessories to this outfit to make it feel autumn-y.  Popping on this colorful [and super soft] beanie and interesting socks really pull my look together, leaving me ready to brave the cold.

coat: Nicole [old; similar] | shirt: Nordstrom [old]
pants: Windsor | boots: H&M | socks: J.Crew

Thanks for reading!!


Fall on a Budget

We're going to take a quick break from She's Got the Look this week.  I was recently approached by one of my readers to do a post on affordable fall basics.  First of all, I'm so flattered I was even thought of!  Thank you!  Secondly, I think everyone can use to save some money.  I believe that investing in great basics is a good idea, but sometimes we're not in a place where our budget allows that.  Myself included!!  With that said, I want to show you guys a few fall staples that won't break your bank and that won't leave you in a style rut.  Half of these items are $50 - $100 and the other half is $49 or less!!

1// sweaters

2// pants & jeans

3// boots

4// scarves

5// jackets & coats

Maybe you didn't see what you liked in my list?  These stores are great for reasonably priced and fashionable finds:

To see the 2013 fall trends I'm loving, click HERE.  Pair these basics with those trends and you'll be looking mega hot for fall.


Go-To Outfit

I would love to wear this outfit every day.  I feel like this outfit is the definition of my style.  I wore this look on a date with Danny last weekend.  Dinner and a movie, as usual.  I am loving this purse so much!  It's pretty, functional and well made!  I wish I had gotten the size just smaller, too.  Keep your eyes open for me!   And these booties?  OBSESSED.  I will be wearing them a lot this fall.

jacket: Zara | tank: Gap [in store] | leggings: Paige
sunglasses: Gap [in store] | watch: Michael Kors


If I had it my way.

If I had it my way, 
this is what I'd be wearing right now.



"I'm Really Loving" Posts

Today is the first of my semi-regular Saturday posts.  I know online shopping can be such a drag and sometimes really hard!  So I'm doing the dirty work for you.  I'll show you my favorite pieces that are available for online shopping.  Stop by every two or three weeks to see what's for sale online.  If you have any specific stores you want me to check out for you and post about, let me know!  I'm open to suggestions.  The first shop is Free People.  Enjoy! 
Free People on Sale!



To stay warm and dry, I paired my favorite rain boots with this beautiful jacket.  A sweater underneath a jacket is almost becoming a requirement now.  I will be soaking in this weather.  Snow isn't too far away, so enjoy it while it lasts, right?

jacket: Zara [old] | boots: Hunter
leggings: Paige Denim [similar]
sweater: Hollister [really old]
sunglasses: Karen Walker


Fall Maxi

Today I'm bringing my maxi into fall by matching it with my all time favorite sweatshirt, Chuck Taylors, and an infinity scarf.  The sweatshirt and sneakers dress the maxi way down.  

sweatshirt: Gap [old] | skirt: Brandy Melville via PacSun
scarf: Free People | shoes: Converse


She's Got the Look: Miranda Kerr

I think model/actress off-duty travel looks are the best ones!  And Miranda's is no exception.  Comfortable, functional and fashionable.

^^ via Pinterest
note: this photo is not mine, nor do I claim it.


Quilted Top

I fell in mega love with this shirt when I saw it.  It's perfect for a summer to fall look.  I added the booties to edge it up a bit.  And how about this clutch?  I'm in love with the oversized clutches that have been so popular lately [Hello, Clare Vivier.] and I love this price tag even more.  I wore this look to an outdoor chalk painting exhibit and arts festival.  Such a fun, family-oriented evening.

top: Forever21 [like this, too] | jeans: Gap
booties: Deena and Ozzy [old] | watch: Michael Kors
sunglasses: Karen Walker | clutch: Forever21

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If I had it my way.

If I had it my way, 
this is what I'd be wearing right now.


sweater | jeans | heels
bag | sunglasses

Do you love the purse above?  Well, get its sister while you still can!  The 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection is here. Don't forget to shop the collection HERE and see my picks HERE.  


3.1 Phillip Lim for Target is here

The most anticipated collaboration is finally here!  The 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection DID NOT disappoint.  I wanted to show you guys my picks.  I woke up at three o'clock this morning and made my online order.  If you haven't made an order yet, or haven't gone to the store, I suggest you do STAT.  Everything will sell out fast.

What are going to get??


Track and Field

To down play the dressiness of these pants and heels, I put on a boyish tee and called it good!  Track pants and a football tee; such a fun match.  Have a great weekend!!

shirt: Zara [huge sale] | pants: WAYF
sunglasses: Gap [in stores]


Blacked out

Some days you just need to wear all black.  I guess it was one of those days.  This jacket is a new fave and you bet your bum I'll be wearing it a lot.  Moto has my heart.  And I'm not even mad.

jacket: Zara [also love this one] | tank: Nordstrom [old]
pants: Windsor | booties: H&M | clutch: Zara
bracelets: Banana Republic & Cartier [borrowed]
watch: Michael Kors | sunglasses: Karen Walker

more ways to black out:


She's Got the Look: Olivia Palermo II

This is a look I have turned to for work attire inspiration.  Dressed up with a hint of casual.  She looks effortlessly put together, which we all strive for, right?  Anyway, leave it Olivia to get it perfectly and easily.  To see my other SGTL post of Olivia's, click HERE.

Olivia Palermo She's got the look
^^ via Pinterest
note: this photo is not mine, nor do I claim it.



This top is a new favorite!  Speaking of "new", this is the first peplum I've ever worn.  I suppose I'm a laggard on this trend, but I've never felt like the peplum was "me".  Until I came across this shirt at the Free People store in Las Vegas.  I love the color for fall [I'm so happy Bordeaux is still such a hot color] and the texture is really beautiful.  I feel like it's the boxiness [it's a word, okay?!] that makes it my style and keeps me coming back for more.  I highly recommend this top!  By pairing it with these simple, higher-waisted jeans and neutral booties, the focus stays on my pretty peplum.

watch: Michael Kors | bracelet: Nadri | clutch: Hobo
shoes: Shop Ruche [similar, similar] | sunglasses: Karen Walker

Here are more peplums that I love:


If I had it my way.

If I had it my way, 
this is what I'd be wearing right now.



Moto sweats

Remember my list of fall trends?  If you missed the post, go check it out!!  Anyway, you will see that moto is on my list.  These pants are no exception.  Moto minus the leather, such a fun twist!  I love monochromatic outfits, which is why this tank was styled with my trousers.  Also on my list of ten was leather.  This leather hat did just the trick.  To dress up such a relaxed outfit, I added some studded heels and an embellished clutch.  

tank: Gap [in stores] | pants: Zara | clutch: Zara [on MEGA sale]
hat: ASOS | heels: Target [in red here] | watch: Michael Kors