Beauty Haul

CHEERS TO THE FREAKIN' WEEKEND!  Just listen to it, again.  It's so good! 

I just wanted to share with you all some recent beauty purchases.  I felt a little selfish keeping my beauty haul secret, so I'm telling you all so you can fall in love, if not already, too.  Some of these are new finds and some are rediscovered.  This post isn't sponsored or anything, I am just genuinely in love with all of these products and I recommend them to all of you. 
[This is my go-to bronzer.  I love it as 
a bronzer or as a contour.  The gold flakes
 in the product do not really show up on my skin, 
which I love.  If you haven't tried it, DO IT.]

[This oil is not heavy, it's not 
too oily, either ... make sense? 
Haha, nope.  But, really it doesn't
weigh your hair down at all and I 
use it right before I use this...]
^^ Surf Spray
TO USE THIS!  This makes my hair the 
perfect amount of wave and keeps the 
frizz mostly at bay.  Using the Agave
oil before the surf spray lets my hair
get the beachy wave without letting the
 salt dry out my hair.  I barely have 
to use my curling/flat iron, now!]

^^ Soft Touch Shadow Pencil

[I recently received this as a gift and 
I have fallen in love!  So pretty and goes
on so smoothly.  I think the other colors 
are gorgeous, as well.  I don't like wearing
lots of eye makeup (I tend to be more natural
in that department).  The Hollywoodland color 
is a natural color, but with a little shimmer 
and a little metallic.  This eye pencil is so 
beautiful, in its texture and in its color.]

^^ Flower Bomb
[Best perfume.  Danny loves when I wear this. Go 
to Nordstrom, try it on.  You'll be buying it really 
soon after.  Trust me.  It's all I wear these days.]

[Gradual is key with faux tans.
Especially with fair skin like mine. 
Try it out, they also have one for 
darker, "medium to dark" skin].

^^ Long Lasting Kohl Pencil
[I rim my waterline with this skin colored
eyeliner.  It opens my eyes up so much.  It 
really makes all the difference. Give it a 
try.  I wasn't a believer at first. Now I am.]

Stop by next week for some outfit posts and the usual If I Had it My Way and She's Got the Look posts.  Have a fun and safe weekend!


  1. I recently tried a sea spray that came in my ipsy box and I think it's gonna be a deep, long-term love affair.

    1. I can't get enough of it! What kind are you using??