My Salute

I wore this outfit out to dinner with some of my girlfriends last night.  I am obsessed with these jeans.  Don't be surprised if you see them here again!  Multiple times.  I wanted the pants to be the only stand out, so I paired them with a plain tank and my favorite jacket.  I think when getting dressed, choose one "loud" piece.  Whether it be jewelry or jeans, shoes or a top.  JUST PICK ONE!  Let that piece shine! 

tank: Nordstrom [similar] | pants: Hudson [love these, too]
jacket: Zara [on sale; similar] | heels: Target 
watch: Michael Kors | necklace: UO [similar]

Come back tomorrow for "She's Got the Look". 
Mixing things up this week!  Oops:)


  1. Hey! Love your blog. These pants are amaze...especially paired with those heels! xo

    1. Thanks, Ashley!! I love them too. And they're super comfortable.