She's Got the Look: Poppy Delevingne

Don't you wish your last name was Delevingne?  I know, me too.  That would ensure a beautiful exterior, a corky-cool personality, and an even better wardrobe.  Here's Poppy in an awesome off-duty look.

^^ via Pinterest
note: this photo is not mine, nor do I claim it.


Track Pants

These pants!! That's all that needs to be said about them!  And this watch!!  It was a gift. Danny has the same watch [but a black face and black band] and I was always wanting to steal it from him.  So he treated me to my own!
I had a great birthday weekend, thanks to family and friends and you guys!  Thank you for your sweet emails of happy wishes.  Unfortunately, I came down with a cold on Saturday and didn't remember to take pictures of my birthday outfit.  Maybe I'll have to recreate it.  Anyway, thanks for reading and have a great week!

tank: H&M [recently in stores] | pants: WAYF
watch: Michael Kors | heels: Jessica Simpson [old; similar]


If I had it my way.

If I had it my way,
this is what I'd be wearing right now.



Go SHORTy, it's my birthday.

Quick post today!  Hope you all have a great weekend!  I'm gearing up to celebrate my birthday [TOMORROW!].  I love birthdays.  Turning twenty-three . . . feeling the oldest I've ever been [ha!].

jacket: UO [similar on sale] | tank: Free People
shorts: Cotton On [similar] | sandals: Sam Edelman
clutch: Zara [on mega sale!; really crushing this one]

Thanks for reading.



And tomorrow's post should be titled "Mini", right?  Somehow this week has turned into an unannounced Skirt/Dress Week [which is weird, because I'm not too much of a skirt and dress kind of gal].  To beat the excruciating heat, I'm wearing a light-weight, fitted midi dress.  Wearing dresses is one of the only ways to stay cool in the hot, hot heat while still looking decent for work.  At work, I threw on a light cardigan to cover up my shoulders and so the AC didn't frost bite me [not pictured].  I suppose I was a little inspired by my She's Got the Look post several weeks ago, huh?

sandals: Steve Madden | belt: Hollister [really old]
 watch: Michael Kors | necklace: UO [similar]


She's Got the Look: Behati Prinsloo

Here's how to get Behati's casual cool look.  Now, if we could figure out how to get that beautiful body and face and fiancé... [Adam's for you, not for me, guys!]

^^ via Pinterest
note: this photo is not mine, nor do I claim it.



A tank and maxi skirt are a great way to beat the heat.  Stay cooler while looking nicer than wearing cutoffs and a tee.  And what better way to wear them than a grey and black combo?

tank: UO [old; similar] | skirt: Forever21 dress turned DIY [similar]
necklace: Free People | sandals: Sam Edelman | sunglasses: Gap

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | Shop My Picks

I'm sure many of you have already hit the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale racks, but in case you haven't [or have and are ready for round two], scroll through to see my favorite choices.

I'd love to hear about your picks, spill!!  Happy shopping!  You have until August 4th to join the fun!

If I had it my way.

If I had it my way, 
this is what I'd be wearing right now.



Super Duper

I tend to dress super casual anyway, but I feel like these shoes take any outfit to the next level of casual.  Making this outfit super duper casual.

tank: Cotton On [in store]| leggings: Paige [similar]
shoes: Converse | watch: Skagen | bracelet: Forever21 [similar]
necklace: Tiffany & Co. | sunglasses: Gap [in store; need these]

Who's shopping the Nordstrom sale?!  Can't wait.  I didn't have a chance to hit the pre-sale, so I'm really excited to make it there. Click HERE to begin shopping!  And tell me what you get!!


She's Got the Look: Olivia Palermo

The girl we love to hate ... or do we hate to love her?  Either way, Olivia Palermo is gorgeous and has one of the best wardrobes in the biz and this outfit is no exception. 

note: this photo is not mine, nor do I claim it.

Here's how to look like her, or at least dress like her!


My Salute

I wore this outfit out to dinner with some of my girlfriends last night.  I am obsessed with these jeans.  Don't be surprised if you see them here again!  Multiple times.  I wanted the pants to be the only stand out, so I paired them with a plain tank and my favorite jacket.  I think when getting dressed, choose one "loud" piece.  Whether it be jewelry or jeans, shoes or a top.  JUST PICK ONE!  Let that piece shine! 

tank: Nordstrom [similar] | pants: Hudson [love these, too]
jacket: Zara [on sale; similar] | heels: Target 
watch: Michael Kors | necklace: UO [similar]

Come back tomorrow for "She's Got the Look". 
Mixing things up this week!  Oops:)


If I had it my way.

If I had it my way, 
this is what I'd be wearing right now.


** Sorry for my unintentional absence yesterday.  Here's what should have been posted.  Come back tomorrow for an outfit post, Thursday for "She's got the Look" and Friday for another outfit.  

Thanks for reading, guys!!


Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down.

Okay, not really about the rain [yes, about Mondays].  I just love the Carpenters.  I got dressed/wore this outfit before it got rainy and cooled down.  But I wanted to snap some pictures for you all, so my photog and I took on the rain!  I tried to lighten the pictures as much as I could; they're a little grainy.

shirt: Nordstrom [old] | shorts: Cotton On
sandals: Steve Madden [really want these]
watch: Michael Kors | necklace: UO [similar]

If you missed yesterday's posts [plural!] click HERE and HERE.  Hope you all have a great weekend.  Doing anything fun?



I was tagged in a "get to know you" kind of post by my friend, Michelle [check out her new blog HERE -- she's amazing]. Now, I know my blog is all about fashion, but I know I'm curious and I like to know what makes the fashion bloggers I follow them. So, feel free to read on and get to know me better or skip this and come back tomorrow for my next fashion-related post. Here are the questions Michelle asked me:

What is your favorite beauty product and/or routine?
I have three products that I'm obsessed with and can't leave the house without:

I cannot live without MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. I wear the color Light Plus. I have oilier skin than it is dry, so a powdered product works best for my skin type.

I have to have chapstick! HAVE TO! My favorite is Cherry Natural Ice. I love my chapsticks to have SPF and for them to have Mentholatum.

I feel like curling your lashes is an instant wake-me-up and fix-me-up! My favorite eyelash curler I've found is the Shu Uemura eyelash curler
. I've had mine for years and it is still working really well.

What is your most favorite place that you have visited in the world and why? 
I've been on several fun trips.  My parents always have stressed the importance of traveling and seeing the world and they have made it possible for me to visit a lot of really cool and interesting places.  I've been across the world a few times, been to a couple exotic places but my very favorite place to go is here, in Utah, Lake Powell.  Hands down the best trip, the most looked forward to trip and the funnest.  If you haven't been, you need to!!  I'm really lucky to have done all the traveling I've done!

Why do you blog? and what inspires you to keep blogging?
I started my blog because I couldn't find a fashion blog that I felt like was completely my style.  Then I realized, I probably wasn't the only one feeling like that.  So I started The Inclined in hopes of showing people that outfits can be simple and still be interesting; wearable and still great.

What is the quality that you love best about your significant other, and why?
I love that Danny is so compassionate.  His love for others that have less than him is like no one else I've ever met.  It's really inspiring.  I also love his sense of humor and his musical ability [check that out HERE!].

Guilty pleasures??
Oh, gosh... I have so many!!  I love reality TV.  Kardashian anything and Real Housewives of CA [OC and Beverly Hills] are my favorites.  I love celebrity gossip.

What physical feature do you love most about yourself and why?--Don't be afraid to gloat a little! Embrace what you have and love it :)
... Sheesh.
I suppose my favorite feature is my hair or my height.  I love having long hair.  I don't see myself cutting it off ever.  And being tall is so much better than being short [sorry, shrimps!]!  Though clothes shopping can be difficult, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages ten fold!

Take a quick picture of what you are wearing -- and tell us what you love about your outfit!
Well, my phone's dead and no camera with me.  But here's a Photo Booth picture of my outfit. 

Today was a run-out-the-door-as-fast-as-you-can kind of day.  I'm wearing my grey Zara faux leather sleeve tee [old], black Windsor jeggings, black Old Navy flip flops and a pony tail to top it all off!  No time for jewelry or anything.

Do you cook? If so, share your favorite recipe! (this is selfish of me, but I need some good new recipes ;)
I don't cook.  But, man! Can I bake!  Here is my favorite cookie recipe that makes the best dough!

1 cup sugar
1 cup brown sugar
Less than 1/4 cup shortening
2/3 cup butter
2 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cornstarch
1 tsp salt
1 handful of oats
A little less than 3 cups flour

Mix first four ingredients [make sure butter is soft, NOT MELTED!].  Add eggs and vanilla, mix.  Put first two cups of flour in mixer, but before mixing, add other dry ingredients.  Mix.  Add last cup of flour until it seems the right doughy consistency.  Add chocolate chips if you'd like [I hate them, so I take out my portion of dough and then add them].  Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes [yeah right - just eat the dough].


Now that you know about me, tell me about YOU!

Tardy Post

If I were a celebrity, I would be featured in People's Style Watch "I Really Love My..." all the time.  Not because my style is up to par with the celebrities.  But because I really do love my necklace [and so many other pieces in my 'drobe].  With such a statement necklace I decided to leave all else bare.  I think people tend to over accessorize, leaving amazing pieces in a mess and overlooked.  Black and white just keep finding their way onto my body ... oops?  Nah - I'm not sorry.  Anyway, these jeans are the best.  I bought them almost a year ago and haven't worn them in several months.  I have fallen in love with them all over again.  OH, and with billowy-er tops, try tucking a portion of it in to your jeans.  It gives instant shape where it wasn't before.  I love doing this!  This is an outfit I wore to dinner and a movie with Danny.  I brought a black cardigan to accompany my purse [incase I got cold in the theater; neither are pictured]. 

tank: Zara [sold out] | jeans: Joe's Jeans [similar]
necklace: Free People | booties: Ruche | bralette: Target [similar]

What pieces in your wardrobe do you "Really Love"??


She's Got the Look: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Quick post today!  Going on a plane?  Get Rosie's perfect travel look!  

^^ via Pinterest
note: this photo is not mine, nor do I claim it. 



GUYS!  I'm back -- sorry about my absence.  But, I'm back at it and so is my computer!  
I find myself wearing shorts and tees so much this summer, more than any other summer before.  I suppose it's the heat?  I don't know.  But I hope you guys don't mind.  This outfit is perfect for a day running errands, a night out with girlfriends or even a casual date night!  So to sum up - it's perfect for just about everything.  ...haha!

tee: Zara [on sale] | shorts: Joe's Jeans [DIY]
sandals: Sam Edelman | clutch: Zara [on sale]
watch: Michael Kors | sunglasses: Gap
necklace: gifted [similar, similar, similar]

Thanks for reading!  It's good to be back!!