Shopping List

YIKES.  Another shopping list.  Already.  We make money to spend it, right? ...Right?? 

Here is my HUGE 
Shopping List - Summer Beauty Edition.
Some of these things I already have and use,
others I'm looking to try.

[Use this everyday and love!]


[This is the tanner I use 
when I use a tanner]
via Sephora
[Not currently using, 
but love!]
[I'm a waxer ... 
I must try these]

via Sephora
[DYING to try]

[Such a fresh smell!]

[My favorite mascara. 
So cheap, but good!  
It compares to THIS.]

[Love! These smell amazing 
and work really well.]

via WalMart
[Gets rid of shiny skin!
And it comes in three shades.]

[I love this beautiful, 
simple color. I'm wearing 
it on my toes right now.]

Have you tried any of these?  What are your summer beauty buys?  Anything you would suggest?  SPILL.

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