D.I.M. -- Did It Myself

I suppose it's time to break out my fake tanner, yeah?  I lightened my hair for summer, I guess I should darken my skin. Isn't that what summer is all about, anyway?  Blonde hair and tan skin.  Speaking of summer, I love these shorts.  So much.  I made them last summer.  I took an old pair - a really old pair - of American Eagle [like I said, "really old"!] shorts and experimented with some bleach.  I was/am happy with the end result.  It was super easy.  If you have questions on the process, feel free to ask.  Obviously, this necklace is on repeat.  But you'd be wearing it over and over if you had it, too.  

top: Cotton On | necklace: Free People
shorts: DIY American Eagle [similar
heels: Target 


  1. The necklace has an invalid link. What size are you wearing in the t shirt?

    1. Annoying. I fixed it. Kind of... Anyway, it's a size medium.