sweat it out.

The other day I showed you my favorite online hair tutorials.  Today I want to show you, on a different note, my favorite online workouts.  I attend a spin class twice a week, but this is the last week it'll be taught until fall.  These classes are half of my work out for the week!  I get so sad when the classes end for the summer break.  I like to [I mean, "make myself", whatever] work out at least four times a week.  I attend the gym twice a week and spin twice a week.  Now that my spin is ending for the season, I need to come up with another workout routine/plan.  So the days I choose not to hit the gym, I like to hit up YouTube.




here, here & here



  I've found that I love Blogilates - obviously.  Sure, she's not fun to listen to all the time [sorry, Cassey!] but, wow! she gives a great workout.  Which channels do you like?  Are there any workout videos you've found that you love and see the results?  If so, I'd love to hear about them and why you love them.  And, if you need a little inspiration to get up and workout, just watch THIS
*note: I do not own these videos, nor do I claim them.

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