I am learning blogging lessons left and right these days.  I didn't have a photographer for an outfit picture and I don't have any back up pictures, yet!  Lesson learned!  Sorry for the lack of outfit post:( But, a few things:

Look!  I redid my header!  What do you think?  Still simple, but not plain [like it was!].

I got a Facebook and Twitter for the blog!  Really exciting.  So, feel free to go like and follow them!  There's also a button for each of them on the left column at the top.

As you may have gathered from some of the backgrounds in my outfit pictures, I live in the country!  Well, kind of.  I live in the most beautiful place in Utah.  Anyway, my dad has like 14 cows right now or something.  I think four new babies and two still on the way.  I wanted to leave you all with this cutie video:

Happy weekend!  Any plans?


  1. oh my GOODNESS! that yard is AMAZING!!! so beautiful.. we still need to have a steak night there!!

  2. I just started blogging as well and I feel like I'm forever having one of those aha moments. Your blog is looking good! Enjoy the weekend.