.the millionth fashion blog.

Yeah, I know what all three of you [thanks for reading, Mom!] are thinking and asking yourselves...

"Another fashion blog?"


"Aren't there enough blogs to look at six different blogs a day for the rest of my life and then some?"

"Should I even stick around?"

The answer to all of those is yes.

I've started this blog to show my personal style. Outfits, inspirations, hair, etc.  I feel like it's different than most people's style.  While I love, admire and appreciate the mix of edge and girl of Cara or the prep and elegance of Rachel and the audacity of Leandra, I just feel like I can't relate to everything they wear and represent. I don't feel like there is a blog out there that is all me But I suppose you can only relate entirely to yourself.
So, if I had to describe my style in words [not sentences, because that's. too. difficult.] they'd be:

.Laid back.

I don't like to look too pulled together and I really try not to try too hard to get dressed or ready.
...did that make sense?
Could I have said "to/too" any more?

Anyway, maybe there is someone else, like me, that feels like they're getting screwed in the blog department.  Well, be screwed no more! Because I'm feeling
... inclined ... to share.

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