Happy Easter

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Hopping the Easter Bunny brings me some goods.
[yes, I purposely said 'hopping' not 'hoping'. The Easter Punny made me.]

Mom! just click the links. Let me know if you need help!

Happy Good Friday.


In a summer state of mind

Summer has clouded my cerebrum.  I can't seem to think about anything else!  I'm sooo looking forward to days spent in Lake Powell, hours by the pool, and just being outside without a jacket.

Here are my favorite suits this time around:

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by column:
here | here | here 
here | here 
here | here | here 

Tip!  Looking to save a buck while looking great? Mix and match your pieces!  Bikinis are often sold as separates.  Only buy the bottom and pair it with a solid top or vice versa.

And for times when I'm not looking to bare all:

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by row:
here | here | here 
here | here | here | here | here 

Tip!  If you like Mara Hoffman bikinis but aren't quite two-piece-ready, she often times has a one piece version [similar or exact].

What are your favorite suits? 

Where do you like to shop for yours?

oh, p.s.
Outfit posts start Tuesday!


If I had it my way...

If I had it my way
this is what I'd be wearing right now.

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...hair&makeup continued...

As promised, here are my favorite, more put together, less messy looks.  Equally chic, more clean.  These looks can also look effortless, but these are tidier and flawless versions of yesterday's post.

via Pinterest

via Cult of Pretty

via Pinterest

via L'extravagance

via Neil George

via Pinterest

via MTV

via Paris is Always a Good Idea

via Elle

via HCVA

So, out of these which do you like best?  It's hard for me to choose just one. 



I'll eventually post outfit pictures.  I'm in the middle of figure that all out.  In the meantime we can enjoy some inspiration. Some of the best kind ...

Today's inspiration?  Hair and makeup. 

As I've said before, I love an undone look.  I love the idea of look amazingly chic with out putting in any time!  Or at least looking like you didn't put in the time.  This style allows for imperfections to be the in the spotlight, which, I have lots of!  Bedhead waves and ponies and natural, barely-there makeup are always a good option!

Here are some of my favorite easy-going, casual hair and makeup looks:

via Everything is an Addiction


via Olsen Junkie

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Via Musings in Femininity 

Drew Barrymore ombre hair
via Beauty Editor

via Young Hearts Run Free

via Airows

via Pinterest

Come back tomorrow for a few of my favorite polished, less casual looks!


If I had it my way...

If I had it my way
this is what I'd be wearing right now.

shirt | jacket | pants | shoes 
 purse | necklace | polish

A weekend away.

This weekend was perfect.  Seriously. Such a fun quick trip to St. George.  My friend, Hela, and I decided to head down for Saturday and Sunday.  We really couldn't have had a better time! Here's a peek at what we did. And if you follow my Instagram, then you've probably already seen some of this.

Pool at my parent's place. 
BOTH days, I have the burn to show for it.

Manicure and pedicure

Nielsen's. Duh.

And my favorite part: 

A nice morning at Dixie Rock [and surrounding areas].

Pit stop on our way home.
We had to take a picture... Had to.

Anyone do anything fun for Spring Break?



[thank god it's spring]

Seriously. Thank you. 

It has been so warm lately.  Here are a few of my favorite looks I probably will be trying out this spring [and into summer!].

Here is my FashInspo [fashion inspiration]:

via elleuk.com

all black outfit lovee

via Pinterest
black year round.  yes.

via Ring My Bell

via Pinterest

via Olsen's Anonymous

via ASOS

via Refinery 29

I'm looking forward to wearing sneaker wedges, tee-shirts [not that these are trendy. I'm just looking forward to not having to wear my huge Mountain Hardware coat around], the black and white mix [but, when has that not been "okay"?], and baseball caps.

Now you tell me, please!

What are you looking forward to wearing?  Any trends you're dying to try? Leave a comment with your links to your Pinterest boards or blogs!  I'd love to check them out.


.the millionth fashion blog.

Yeah, I know what all three of you [thanks for reading, Mom!] are thinking and asking yourselves...

"Another fashion blog?"


"Aren't there enough blogs to look at six different blogs a day for the rest of my life and then some?"

"Should I even stick around?"

The answer to all of those is yes.

I've started this blog to show my personal style. Outfits, inspirations, hair, etc.  I feel like it's different than most people's style.  While I love, admire and appreciate the mix of edge and girl of Cara or the prep and elegance of Rachel and the audacity of Leandra, I just feel like I can't relate to everything they wear and represent. I don't feel like there is a blog out there that is all me But I suppose you can only relate entirely to yourself.
So, if I had to describe my style in words [not sentences, because that's. too. difficult.] they'd be:

.Laid back.

I don't like to look too pulled together and I really try not to try too hard to get dressed or ready.
...did that make sense?
Could I have said "to/too" any more?

Anyway, maybe there is someone else, like me, that feels like they're getting screwed in the blog department.  Well, be screwed no more! Because I'm feeling
... inclined ... to share.